Week of Prayer

Since 1904, the World YWCA and World YMCA have traditionally collaborated together for the World Week of Prayer and World Fellowship. Celebrated each year on the second week of November, both organisations join efforts to produce a booklet with a theme, a set of bible studies for each day, and an annual bible reading plan so that communities around the world can come together in prayer for a specific cause linked to current realities.

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world immeasurably. It has exposed unjust structural systems and demonstrated how a global emergency affects lives disproportionally, especially those who are more vulnerable to inequalities. We are therefore called upon to reflect on all the good things in our lives, and challenged to take action to rebuild a world that promotes justice, love and peace in our communities and beyond.

The pandemic has also come with new opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. It has shed light and helped us see what is truly essential in our lives, how can we rediscover ourselves and how can we best invest our time spreading kindness and supporting those in need, including investing in our own mental and physical health.

This year, the World YWCA and World YMCA- Week of Prayer and World Fellowship is an invitation to journey together under the theme: Rays of hope: creating resilient communities through practical spirituality:

Download this year’s interactive booklet and join us from 8-14 November, 2020.

Following on from our digital services earlier this year our next service will be during the week of prayer. You can watch our thanksgiving services here: Devotion Services Click here.